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A Point of Difference: Diversity at Bryn Mawr College

Bryn Mawr College: A Work In Progress

Students at Bryn Mawr College

Dispatches from Taylor Hall

“If the present intellectual supremacy of the white races is maintained, as I hope that it will be for centuries to come, I believe that it will be because they are the only races that have seriously begun to educate their women...One thing we know beyond doubt and that is that certain races have never yet in the history of the world manifested any continuous mental activity nor even any continuous power of organized government.”  President Thomas (1916)

“I now read in the Alumnae Bulletin that the question of taking colored students into the dormitories has arisen. I feel I must oppose with all my vigor such a course of action…my sentiments do not arise from any blind prejudice against the colored race. In fact I think we have shirked, so far, in dealing squarely with the negro problem in America.” President Park (1931)

"As we begin the academic year let me renew the commitment of the College administration to take all steps possible to assure that the opportunity for Black students at Bryn Mawr is a full and good one, educationally, socially and in every way." President Wofford (1972)

"Because we are committed to diversity in its fullest sense, we are responsible as individuals and as a community to identify and confront the aspects of our character, culture, and the ways in which we function, which may reflect unconscious remnants of prejudice...The chance to make a difference here and now on these questions is a goal worthy of women who will become the change agents of tomorrow and of the staff and faculty who support their education." President Vickers (n.d.)

"I am not asking the Bryn Mawr community to engage in a process for which there is already a predetermined conclusion.  I do, however, think we should take the time to make a thoughtful, well-informed and deliberate decision, a decision that will shape our future and that will have consequences for many classes of students to come. " President McAuliffe (2012)

"This project will cost approximately $18 million. But this was not just a dollars and cents decision. In following this plan, the College will prioritize our historic and ongoing commitments to Perry House and the Black Cultural Center, improve the appearance and function of a key location on campus, and increase our capacity to house students." President Cassidy (then Interim-)(2013)