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A Point of Difference: Diversity at Bryn Mawr College

Diversity and Inclusion: Our Community Today

Katrina Obieta

Katrina Obieta '15

Asian Student Association Social Chair

"If it weren't for the affinity groups Mujeres and Sisterhood I would not feel very comfortable being a person of color on Bryn Mawr's campus. I do not venture outside the underrepresented minority groups in social settings. I don't think Bryn Mawr successfully creates a welcoming inclusive environment for people of color, it's the students from the affinity groups that really try to do this." - Bryn Mawr Student '15



Tyler Garber '14

Tyler Garber '14

Former Sisterhood Co-President 

"I do not feel at all ostracized at Bryn Mawr, but I sometimes feel awkward or uncomfortable for being white, especially when discussing Perry and issues of diversity. I feel that I cannot speak about these issues because they do not apply to me - what do I know about the issues that minorities face and how that feels? As a result, I tend to avoid conversations about diversity within the community." - Bryn Mawr Student '15 

Kate Elliot

Kate Elliot '13

Former Community Diversity Assistant

"I think everyone intends to be inclusive, but there are some barriers still. I feel like international non-caucasian students and American non-caucasian students are often lumped together, though their experiences are very different. I am Asian-American, and as a freshman last fall I felt a little alienated because the only support systems seemed to be for international Asian students." - Bryn Mawr Student '16

Emily Garcia and Ruby Gonzalez '14

Emily Garcia and Ruby Gonzalez '14

Former Mujeres Co-President and Secretary 

"As a student of color, I often felt like the community at Bryn Mawr created obstacles that impeded my ability to achieve greatness." - Bryn Mawr Student '14