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A Point of Difference: Diversity at Bryn Mawr College

Survey Responses: By the Numbers

Fiona Gambanga

Fiona Gambanga '15

BACaSO Co-President (Bryn Mawr African and Caribbean Student Organization) 



Information sent out to current* and former students of the college:

"Alexis De La Rosa, an undergraduate student at Bryn Mawr College, has been given the opportunity to examine the student experience (past and present) in regards to diversity and inclusion of the college. Any willing Bryn Mawr current student (or alumnae/i) is asked to fill out the following survey about aspects of diversity in academic and social settings at Bryn Mawr. Names will not be recorded, and participants are urged to be thoughtful and honest in their responses."

The goal of the survey was not to have participants fill out a bunch of multiple choice questions. I wanted to collect as many stories as possible about the student experience at Bryn Mawr.

Although it may have deterred some people from participating, the open-ended responses are rich with information about the student experience at Bryn Mawr spanning different time periods. In the end, 714 participants took the survey. I reached out to and received responses from so many Bryn Mawr students/alums in such a short period of time; It was a big win. 





Jancy Munguia

Jancy Munguia '14

Former Mujeres Co-President (Latina/o Student Organization) 

714 people took a survey regarding their experience with diversity at Bryn Mawr. 

616 do not identify as people of color. 

98 identify as people of color.


Participants were asked to state their level of comfort in social settings at Bryn Mawr.

66% of Non POC felt/feel comfortable in social settings at Bryn Mawr. 

54% of POC felt/feel comfortable in social settings at Bryn Mawr.

*A current student is anyone who is in Bryn Mawr classes 2013, 2014, 2015, or 2016