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An Artist's Portfolio: Marion Frost and Bryn Mawr College

A Public Document?: The Absence of Personal Items

Scrapbook of Marion Frost Willard, Class of 1920, Page 47

A photograph of (presumably) Marion Frost's class. There are no markings to indicate who she is or whether this is indeed her class.

While Marion Frost included images of all the campus buildings at the time, she did not include photographs, drawings, or ephemera that revealed more about her as a person. Though there are images of her class and individual images of her fellow students, Frost does not include any material that might suggest her other interests, aside from photography. The lack of personalization furthers the claim that this scrapbook served as a public document that displayed the beauty of Bryn Mawr’s campus.

Thus, the scrapbook evokes a “professional air” – Frost’s intentional exclusion of personal material creates a focused space that allows for her artwork and the beauty of Bryn Mawr’s architecture and students shine through.