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Margaret Hall and Bryn Mawr: On the Front Lines of the Great War

Bryn Mawr and the War: Abroad

Many Bryn Mawr alumnae traveled to Europe, mainly France but some went to Italy, too. They volunteered with groups like the Y.M.C.A, the Red Cross, American Friends Service committee and with ambulance units. Many of these women updated The College News and the Alumnae Quarterly of their service experiences. Their correspondence often encouraged students at home to join local Red Cross branches and find other ways to contribute to the war effort. These alumnae were effective as The College News published weekly articles about supplies/food donations, sewing events and fundraising opportunities for war relief organizations.

Some Bryn Mawr alumnae traveled together to Europe or met people they knew while abroad. It is inspiring to know that so many Mawrters, despite the harsh reality of war, felt the desire to go to the frontlines to help. Some of the Bryn Mawr women, in addition to Margaret Hall, that volunteered during World War I were:

Elsa Bowman 1896

Dorothy North Haskins 1900

Emily Redmond Cross 1901

Shirly Putnam 1909

Mary Agnes Irvine 1910

Margaret Trumbal Corwin 1912

Charlotte Welles 1912

Elizabeth Ayer 1914

Rena Bixler 1914

Leah T. Cadbury 1914

Alice Miller Chester 1914

Eleanor Dulles 1917

Margery Scattergood 1917

From Mawrters whom had just graduated to middle aged ones, each of these women were fearless and dedicated to their volunteer work. Post-war, many of them continued their humanitarian work.