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Candid Campus: The Lesser-Known Narratives of Bryn Mawr College

Crafting the Educational Environment: A New Architecture

Page from the scrapbook of Julia Thompson (Turner), Class of 1910, page 31

This page of the scrapbook of Julia Turner includes views of the Cloisters (left), Senior Row (upper right), and the exterior of Thomas Hall (bottom right).

An early innovator of the Collegiate Gothic, Bryn Mawr College has profoundly influenced the architectural styles of many fellow liberal arts institutions. The campus was elegantly embellished with meandering pathways, picturesque greenery, and gray stone buildings and dormitories. Additionally, student rooms were designed to promote effective study and decorated to evoke a sense of home. The scrapbook of Julia Turner (née Thompson), Class of 1910, contains stunning interior and exterior views of the school.