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Keeping up with Killough: Lois Linn Killough's Scrapbook of Bryn Mawr College

Introduction: About Lois Linn Kilough's Scrapbook

Lois Linn Killough

Lois Linn Killough, class of 1947

It can be said, without hesitation, Lois Linn Killough’s time at Bryn Mawr College was perhaps one of her most precious life experiences.  Killough traveled all the way from Baytown, TX to join the Bryn Mawr College class of 1947, where she majored in Geology.  While she participated in extracurricular activities, she was on the circulation board for the year book, it seems as though academic events and the prestige of Bryn Mawr held special interest for Killough. 

Killough’s scrapbook is different from those of many of her classmates. It appears that most scrapbooks are very similar to an average Bryn Mawr student’s Facebook. While many students at Bryn Mawr use photographs as a means to freeze traditions in time, Killough emphasized her spring break and graduation ceremony in her scrapbook. When I reflect on items I have memorialized over the years, athletic and academic achievements far outweigh  photographs of traditions or parties. 

I respect Killough’s choice of Bryn Mawr memories and find that we have similar values when reflecting on our time spent at Bryn Mawr. It is for this reason, I chose to take a closer look at Killough’s scrapbook.