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Exploring the Private Past of Passmore

Travels Outside of Bryn Mawr: Trips and Adventures

Frances Passmore came from a particularly wealthy background. While there are a lot of photographs of campus related activities, there are just about as much documentation of excursions with family and friends. It is clear that Passmore enjoyed outdoor activities like walking in the woods, horseback riding, and swimming. Many of these photos include men and it is unclear if they are friends or family members. It is strange looking at the photographs but not knowing one person from another or even who the creator is. But, that just enforces the fact that these are personal images with unique stories attached to them that the viewer of the scrapbook was not meant to know. It is also clear that Passmore comes from a high social standing because of her ability to afford to attend Bryn Mawr, to travel from Minnesota and her high fashion. Also, the mere fact that she had a camera in which to freeze these moments in time indicates high class.