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Residing in the Past: Space, Identity, and Dorm Culture at Bryn Mawr College

The Economy of Space: Accounting for Space

Pembroke Hall Floor Plan

From "Academic Plans and Buildings," Pembroke Hall's pricing and layout.


The disparity between living spaces was highly visible to students within their own communities. Each student recieved a copy of the "Academic Buildings and Residencies" handbook, complete with dorm floor plans and pricing. In an asterisked aside at the bottom of the page for the "Halls of Residence" section, there is a note that stipulates

In about one-sixth of the college rooms the rent is $100, making the cost of board, residence, and tutition for undergraduate students $500; but students desiring to apply for rooms at $100 must file a statement at the president's office that they are unable to afford rooms at a higher price.

The publicness of this declaration (as, while it is made to the president's office, this request in conjunction with the floorplans could easily determine who would be paying the lowest rate with demonstrated need) suggests that even within in the Bryn Mawr community there were varied degrees of access.