Teaching Modules


The New Era: 1920s


Higher Education for Women

BOGGS (dramatically)--"Look at me, look at me, I say! and see what your much vaunted higher education of women has done for me!"

FOGGS--"You don't mean it caused that?"

BOGGS--"Yes I do; my wife has been taking boxing lessons."

Unit (of Instruction): The New Era: 1920s

Lesson Topic: The ongoing struggle for equality: Women in Education

Essential Question(s): During a time period when racial tensions ran high and women in general (let alone minority women) were struggling to obtain better educational opportunities, how did groups and individuals within America’s educational institutions help to create, stimulate, and fuel activities to propel women’s education forward? What kinds of resistance or opposition did these groups or individuals encounter? How successful were these institutions at upholding the ideals they set in place? Do schools fail at upholding these ideals in today’s society? What groups are still being silenced and oppressed in America’s institutions?

Student Levels: AP United States History

Lesson Duration: 45 minutes

Teacher: Mr. Knauss

Accommodation(s) for Students with Special Needs: Students who need assistive technology to read or write will have such available. Computers will be available to complete assessment and group work. All teacher provided documents will be available in digital format.