Teaching Modules


The New Era: 1920s

Lesson Approach: Objectives and Materials



  • Students will be able to identify reasons/main factors for why, in the summer of 1921, a women’s college (Bryn Mawr) chose to open its doors to women factory workers for the first time in the history of the U.S.
  • SWBAT gain an understanding of African American women’s perspectives on education during this time period. 
  • SWBAT start formulating a framework of thoughts and ideas regarding the lasting impact that Bryn Mawr Summer School may or may not have had on women’s educatio. 


  • Primary documents for students to critically examine and analyze (pictures, letters, articles, etc.)
  • Clip from Bryn Mawr video (included in Primary Sources page, also accessible at http://flon.alexanderstreet.com/View/1652625) (make sure to specify what segments of the video you are going to show, ex: from 00:02-00:08 minutes)