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Exhibits are a way to feature different kinds of digital source material on our site using the Omeka platform. This mimics the feel of wandering through a physical exhibit in a museum or library where a narrative guides you through the theme. We have tried to include as many different kinds of sources as possible in our exhibits, highlighting the range of resources available to those interested in the history of women's education. For those interested in looking directly at the source material used in the exhibits, please use the Primary Sources section at right.

Primary sources are original items that have survived from their creation in the past. The primary sources on this site originate from different time periods, but are mostly concentrated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, critical periods in the movement for greater access for women to education. Primary sources are original texts, letters, objects, photographs, ephemera, realia and other materials on which historical research is based. This site allows you to look at high quality digital reproductions of the holdings of Bryn Mawr College Special Collections. These digital items are presented here for you to delve deeper into the source material and to assist you in your own research.