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Primary Sources

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emmeline pankhurst.jpg

Black and white image of Emmeline Pankhurst
Decade: 1910s

Woodrow Wilson portrait found in the Bryn Mawr Alumnae Bulletin 26.1 (Fall 1955): 6.
Decade: 1950s
me and margaret.jpg

Elizabeth Reilly at the Massachusetts Historical Society exhibit, Letters and Photographs: Massachusetts Women in the First World War
Decade: 2010s
monument at bayonet trench.jpg

Margaret Hall went to France in the final months of World War I to work with the Red Cross. Hall had copies of her letters home bound into a volume illustrated with her photographs from the war. This is one of the many pictures she took.
Decade: 1910s
real wla.jpg

"For every fighter, a woman worker."
Decade: 1910s