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Student is manning a political table. There are promotional items, such as bumper stickers, on the table. Student is talking to a female student on a bike and a male student reading promotional materials. Three posters hang off of the table. One poster reads "Register your discontent. Vote." and has…

Man with glasses wearing a T-shirt reading, 'Bryn Mawr College', on sideline of fieldhockey field. There is a large crowd of students on sidelines as well. Some students on field but not as athletes.

Photo on wall of stones, stacks of papers, ceramic tea set on cinderblocks and empty crate reading "Quality Melons".

Students gather at Bryn Mawr train station to greet a student carrying two boxes, one reading fragile, one reading 'Feed Daily'. The back of photo states that the contents of box include a peacock.

Two students walking on campus road (Mary Machal, 1955, and unknown other student), one student walking through Goodhart Arch (Miriam Forman, 1957) , sign reading, "Speed Limit on the Campus 15 Miles per Hour" mounted on Goodhart Arch.