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Keynote presentation given on Friday, MProfessor Laura Mandell, Director of the Initiative for Digital Humanities, Media, and Culture and Professor of English at Texas A&M on “Feminist Critique vs. Feminist Production in Digital Humanities” at the Women’s History in the Digital World’…
Decade: 2010s

"With kind regards M. Carey Thomas January 2, 1919" handwritten on front of photograph
Decade: 1910s

Studio portrait of M. Carey Thomas with Howland Institute classmates taken at Reunion of Class of 1874.
Decade: 1870s

The frontispiece and title page from the 1825 edition of the Forget Me Not, an annual literary gift book.
Decade: 1820s

Inscribed on back: "Attending Philosophical Association meeting. Left to right as attended the 32nd meeting of the American Philosophical Association at Bryn Mawr College on Dec. 29 are Edward Gleason Spawlding, pres of the Eastern Division, Dr. Marion Edwards Park, President of Bryn Mawr College,…
Decade: 1930s

Photo of, left to right, Mary E. Woolley, President of Mount Holyoke College and President Marion Edwards Park of Bryn Mawr College in cap and gown.