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Letter written by M. Carey Thomas to Dr. Rhoads outlining her ideas for the future Bryn Mawr College
Decade: 1880s

Interior view of the common room in Denbigh Hall. Five student sit on the sofa and chair reading books or magazines. One of them, on the far right side of the image, stares out of the photograph towards the right side.
Decade: 1960s

Photograph of Anna M. Haas (on the far left), class of 1898, and several other students seated in a dorm. One of them is reading a book.
Decade: 1890s

Interior view of the smoker in Denbigh hall. Written in blue ink on the back of the photograph is "after-lunch Denbigh-bridge etc." Twelve students sit in the room. Two play the piano on the right side. Other two watch the two students playing. Four students sit playing cards in the right in the…
Decade: 1950s

Interior view of Denbigh Hall. Five students stand or sit by the staircase. One student sits on the staircase (on the right side of the image) reading a letter. Two students stand by the staircase. Another student looks like she is opening a mail. She stands near the mailboxes on the right side of…

Interior view of a dorm room in Erdman Hall. Image depicts a dresser, a mirror, several posters and other items in a student's room.
Decade: 1980s

Interior view of a student's dorm room (Room 27) in Denbigh Hall. Image was prepared for the Paris Exposition of 1900. The photograph depicts the furniture and decorations in the room.

Interior view of an unidentified student's room. The photograph is a gift of Ellen Deborah Ellis (class of 1901). Image depicts several flower vases filled with flowers and other decorations in the room.

Interior view of an unidentified student's room. The photograph is a gift of Margaret Hudson (class of 1909) via Mrs. Ernest A. Patchel Aeril (1975). Image depicts several teapots, cups and saucers on a table along with other furniture in the room.

Interior view of Dorothea Moore's room in Pembroke East. Moore (class of 1915) occupied this room during her freshman year. The photograph was gifted by Dorothea May Moore on her reunion (4/21/86). The image depicts an interior view of her room containing a tray with a teapot cups and saucers. The…