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MBS writes to her mother early in her first semester of Bryn Mawr. She describes a "secret" night-time initiation for freshmen at the hands of the sophomores. She refers to a quarantine on campus, probably a response to the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918. Bulk of the letter describes a…
Decade: 1910s

MBS participating in a play for Christmas with students in the Rockefeller dorm. This was during her year of graduate studies at Bryn Mawr, in which she was also a warden. Note on back reads "Margaret Speer with 'moustache' (was warden of Rock 1924-25
Decade: 1920s

MBS with classmates in front of Pembroke Arch, possibly on May Day.
Decade: 1920s

Photograph of MBS from the class of 1922 class book, captioned "Marnie Speer - Headmistress Shipley School" and dated 1922. Also includes the comment: "PT [President Thomas] said "Why do the most able girls in Bryn Mawr College get elected to be the head of the Christian Association?"
Decade: 1920s

MBS with the Bryn Mawr members of the YWCA at a retreat at Silver Bay in 1919. MBS is third from the right, middle row.
Decade: 1920s

Picture of Emma Doll Bailey and her friend Abby S. Brayton, Bryn Mawr class of 1924, "studying" in 28 Denbigh Hall. This image was a study that was later used for a sketch.
Decade: 1890s