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M. Carey Thomas's opening chapel address for the academic year of 1899-1900, delivered Tuesday, October 1899. Written in response to Charles Eliot, president of Harvard.
Decade: 1890s

Table showing number of women enrolled in higher education institutions versus total student populations. Covers years 1870 - 1980.
Decade: 1980s

Shown here as found inEducational Review 1901; reprinted from an address delivered by M. Carey Thomas at the annual meeting of the Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of the Middle States and Maryland in Philadelphia, November 30, 1900. “This college education,” Thomas…
Decade: 1900s

Full text of M. Carey Thomas's “Present Tendencies in Women’s Education.” Reprinted in Educational Review, January 1908.
Decade: 1900s
WONPR Cartoon.jpg

Illustration shows a group of men and women marching under such banners as "The Lips That Touch Corn Likker Shall Never Touch Ourn", "W.C.T.U.", and "Carrie Nation Cadets", with one man carrying a small barrel labeled "Vegetable Tonic", and a large wagon labeled "Water Wagon No. 1" immediately…
Decade: 1900s

This image, taken from the 1902 college calendar, was created by Philadelphia based artists Jessie Willcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green.
Freshman to Exams calendar.jpg

A print from the 1902 college calendar depicting a student on her way to an exam. The caption reads "The Gay Young Sub-Freshman trips lightly to her Examination."
Decade: 1900s