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Primary Sources

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Close-up photograph of Mary Garrett sitting in a chair with her left-hand resting on her cheek.

Photograph of Mary Garrett sitting in a chair and cleaning her glasses with a cloth.
Decade: 1890s

Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Garrett, Joseph Auguste Fontaine and George A. Barton on the campus lawn and with her backs to the camera.

Photograph of Mary Garrett, with hair tied in a bun and glasses, reading a book.

Photograph of Mary Garrett sitting down and reading a book. She is facing sideways in the photo and holding the book upright.

Photograph of Mary Elizabeth Garrett at May Day. She is standing on the lawn and dressed in academic garb with students dressed in white surrounding her. The inscription on the back says that the photo was given to M. Carey Thomas on October 8, 1915 by Miss (Katharine A.) Page (Loring), May Queen.…
Decade: 1910s

Close-up photograph of Mary Garrett. She appears to have her eyes closed or to be looking down at the floor.

Photograph of Mary Garrett, standing up and with her hands folded together.

Woman in pants and a shirt reading "Bryn Mawr College" on upper left by a desk, open trunk of costumes in foreground.
Decade: 1970s