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MBS describes two violent incidents: in the first (the "Taku incident of last week"), Feng's army had closed off a channel to the port which led to a miscommunication and military clash with two Japanese destroyers. In the second, a student demonstration led to a violent outburst in the streets,…
Decade: 1920s

Picture of Emma Doll Bailey and her friend Abby S. Brayton, Bryn Mawr class of 1924, "studying" in 28 Denbigh Hall. This image was a study that was later used for a sketch.
Decade: 1890s

Photograph of MBS from the class of 1922 class book, captioned "Marnie Speer - Headmistress Shipley School" and dated 1922. Also includes the comment: "PT [President Thomas] said "Why do the most able girls in Bryn Mawr College get elected to be the head of the Christian Association?"
Decade: 1920s

MBS with classmates in front of Pembroke Arch, possibly on May Day.
Decade: 1920s

Image of Margaret Bailey Speer's dorm room in Pembroke East in 1922, which was her senior year.
Decade: 1920s

MBS participating in a play for Christmas with students in the Rockefeller dorm. This was during her year of graduate studies at Bryn Mawr, in which she was also a warden. Note on back reads "Margaret Speer with 'moustache' (was warden of Rock 1924-25
Decade: 1920s

Margaret Bailey Speer with close friend Loretta Grim at Bryn Mawr
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother early in her first semester of Bryn Mawr. She describes a "secret" night-time initiation for freshmen at the hands of the sophomores. She refers to a quarantine on campus, probably a response to the Spanish Influenza epidemic of 1918. Bulk of the letter describes a…
Decade: 1910s

MBS writes to her mother summarizing recent political turmoil. A certain freshman's father was Chief Secretary of Chang Tso-lin, Dictator since June 1927. The faculty could always tell when there was national trouble coming because he would pull her out of school and send her back when things are…
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her parents of trouble with the police coming to arrest a student for suspected Communist leanings. She serves on the Committee on Appointments and writes of tiresome happenings there. She regrets that they will be losing an excellent physical director who has just been engaged to be…
Decade: 1930s