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Letter from the American Red Cross informing the reader of the establishment of the Red Cross Nurses Training Camp for college graduates at Bryn Mawr.
Decade: 1940s

A loose page from an American Red Cross history pamphlet. "Is this you?" is written on the page.
Decade: 1910s

An illustration of a college girl as physically weak, from Good Housekeeping magazine, June 1905

An illustration of a college girl as athletic and intellectual, from Good Housekeeping, June 1905.

Margaret Hall went to France in the final months of World War I to work with the Red Cross. Hall had copies of her letters home bound into a volume illustrated with her photographs from the war. This is one of the images included.
Decade: 1910s
WTCU Cartoon.jpg

Democratic political poster of the 1930s. Text reads "Prohibition Failed! Please do something about it. It is your chance - Vote the Straight Democratic Ticket"
Decade: 1930s

Undated postcard from The Smith House, Shore Labor School in West Park, New York with an image of the house/school on the front.

Undated postcard from Smith House, Hudson Shore Labor School, West Park, New York. Also inscribed is "Fireplace - Corner of Main Lounge" on the front (a fireplace and chair from the inside of the house is pictured on the postcard) and on the back it reads ""The new home of the Bryn Mawr Summer…