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Interior view of the French House, Wyndham Hall. Five students sit in a circle by the staircase. One student, sitting closest to the staircase, reads from a magazine to the others. The rest of the students direct their attention towards the student who is reading.
Decade: 1940s

Interior view of the common room in Denbigh Hall. Five student sit on the sofa and chair reading books or magazines. One of them, on the far right side of the image, stares out of the photograph towards the right side.
Decade: 1960s

Interior view of the room (known as the Blue Room in 1990). Four students sit in the room. One is lying on the sofa reading a book. Two are sitting on the floor, one reading a book and the other reading a newspaper. Another student is sitting on the window sill staring out of the window.
Decade: 1950s

Photograph of Anna M. Haas (on the far left), class of 1898, and several other students seated in a dorm. One of them is reading a book.
Decade: 1890s

Interior view of the smoker in Denbigh hall. Written in blue ink on the back of the photograph is "after-lunch Denbigh-bridge etc." Twelve students sit in the room. Two play the piano on the right side. Other two watch the two students playing. Four students sit playing cards in the right in the…
Decade: 1950s

Students sitting near a large tree. View from a doorway. One woman is stading and reading from a book. Photo mounted on cardboard.
Decade: 1920s

Interior view of Denbigh Hall. Five students stand or sit by the staircase. One student sits on the staircase (on the right side of the image) reading a letter. Two students stand by the staircase. Another student looks like she is opening a mail. She stands near the mailboxes on the right side of…

The image depicts a student reading on a chair in Music Listening Room, Goodhart Hall. On the windowsill, a score, a vinyl, and a flower pot are visible.

Woman in period clothing studying at a desk in her dorm room. Collection of photographs on wall, curtains over windows, ceramic or porcelein painted tea set on table near window, bed or couch to the right all visible in the background. From Ellen Deborah Ellis, class of 1901.
Decade: 1900s