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The head and shoulders of Carolyn C. Ladd are visible. She faces front, with her head turned to the right. Her hair is carefully styled, she wears earrings, and what is visible of her dress appears elaborate.
Decade: 1890s

A lined card with fields for name and hall at the top, divided into three columns labeled fall, winter, and spring, and with horizontal fields for information such as physical status, academic hours, athletic team participation, and extra curricular activities. These cards were used by the Bryn Mawr…
Decade: 1910s

A group portrait of the class of 1901 of Dudley A. Sargent's Summer School of Physical Training at Harvard University, including Constance M. K. Applebee.
Decade: 1900s

A small blue card that reads "Miss ____ is classed as B," with spaces to indicate what physical activity the student is deemed able to participate in. Cards like these were used by the Bryn Mawr College Health Department to ensure that students didn't participate in activities for which they were…
Decade: 1910s

Inscribed on the back: "1911-1915 album; caption: 'Sara at the start, with Annie Davis, Liz semi-officially).'"
Decade: 1910s