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An entrance examination issued to applicants to Bryn Mawr College in 1892.
Decade: 1890s
Harvard Exam for Women 1893_Page_1.jpg

Excerpt from the Harvard Examination for Women, issued in 1893. The exam gave academically accomplished women the opportunity to sit for an examination which would result in a certificate if passed, as a way of adding a tangible qualification to their academic records.
Decade: 1890s

Picture by an unknown photographer of a student in Dalton Science Lab in 1898.
Decade: 1890s

Samples of papers set in June 1890, except papers in science.
Decade: 1890s
Harvard Exam 1890 pg1.jpg.jpg

An early examination for women, administered at Harvard University. The Harvard University Examinations for Women were not part of an application, as women were not admitted to Harvard at the time--a successful exam was a mark of academic merit and women could take them independent of their plans…
Decade: 1890s
Bryn Mawr students and professors at IBM computer demonstration<br />

A photograph, estimated 1950s, of Bryn Mawr students on a field trip to see a computer demonstration at IBM. Caption on the back reads:

"students + profs out of class
computer demonstration
Bryn Mawr and IBM"
Decade: 1950s
Mount Holyoke Exam 1.jpg

An entrance examination from Mount Holyoke College from September, 1910.
Decade: 1910s
Wellesley Exam Questions 1.jpg

An early entrance examination from Wellesley College from June 1888.
Decade: 1880s