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Interior view of the math library in Taylor Hall. Three students sit around a table reading. They are dressed in academic robes. There are several shelves filled with books in the room. The photograph was a part of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition of 1904.

Exterior view of the old gymnasium in Bryn Mawr College. The front of the building is visible. The photograph was taken from the ground in front of the gymnasium. Most of the building is covered in ivy. A flag with "1905" written on it hangs on the front side of the building. Four students, dressed…

Interior view of the common room in Denbigh Hall. Five student sit on the sofa and chair reading books or magazines. One of them, on the far right side of the image, stares out of the photograph towards the right side.
Decade: 1960s

Interior view of the smoker in Denbigh hall. Written in blue ink on the back of the photograph is "after-lunch Denbigh-bridge etc." Twelve students sit in the room. Two play the piano on the right side. Other two watch the two students playing. Four students sit playing cards in the right in the…
Decade: 1950s

Interior view of Denbigh Hall. Five students stand or sit by the staircase. One student sits on the staircase (on the right side of the image) reading a letter. Two students stand by the staircase. Another student looks like she is opening a mail. She stands near the mailboxes on the right side of…

Interior view of the language lab in Denbigh Hall. Several students, wearing headphones, sit in booths. One student, nearest to the foreground, sits reading from a book. A female instructor attends to the student sitting behind the reading student. Another student is also visible sitting in the…
Decade: 1980s

Interior view of a biological laboratory at the time of Das Wilson and Lee in Taylor Hall. Several students sit in chairs in the room, reading, writing or working with scientific equipment. One looks through what looks like a microscope.

Three unidentified students are pictured walking on a path. A building and some trees are also visible in the background.
Decade: 1980s

Image from the collection of Rae Millman, student at the Bryn Mawr Summer School for Women Workers in Industry ca. 1925. Three women walk along path in front of campus building.
Decade: 1920s