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Unidentified furnished dorm room at Bryn Mawr College.
Decade: 1890s

Portrait of Mamie Gwinn sitting at a desk as she appears to be reading a book.

Photograph of three students, one of whom is identified as Lora McMeekin (Class of 1963). The students are seated around a table and a small ashtray is visible on the able along with a case of some sort. A lamp and a desk are visible in the background as well.
Decade: 1960s

Photograph of Jackie Dickerson and Melanie Edwards (both Class of 1980) pictured sitting in what appears to be a dorm lounge. One of them is holding a magazine and laughing while the other looks on. A desk with a rotary phone, flowers and some more magazines is also visible along with a poster on…
Decade: 1970s

Photograph of an unidentified student from Denbigh dorm room. She is writing on a desk and a lamp light is on the desk as well. There is a calendar on the wall and the bed, fireplace mantle, canvas bag and what appears to be a dresser are pictured as well.
Decade: 1980s

Mid 19th century Victorian print of a woman sitting in a chair, a basket full of books on the floor. Her elbow rests against the desk, on which there are more books.