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A letter from the remaining Yenching faculty after the war begging MBS to return to her role as dean at the Women's College.
Decade: 1940s

MBS writes to her parents about accepting a year of deanship out of necessity, and of the remaining tensions between the Women's College and the University.
Decade: 1930s

MBS writes to her parents that Miss Soo-Hoo has accepted the deanship, thus relieving MBS of the responsibility.
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her parents about her decision toaccept the job of Dean if Miss Soohoo should turn down the offer, mainly because there is nobody else to do it.
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her parents about her plans for the summer, her latest activities, and about the messiness of being considered for the position of Dean of the Women's College.
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother about going out to dinner with Mr. Murphy, the architect who is doing the new buildings for Yenching. When it is time to to go home for the evening there are rumors about the streets filling with disorderly members of Chang's army so they stay over at a hotel and she returns…
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her parents to discuss the end of the semester, the party she attended recently (dressed as a Chinese man), and other things. Ends on an ominous political note.
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother with a very detailed account of her first visit to a "traditional" Chinese home as a dinner guest, at the house of Mr. Chi.
Decade: 1920s

MBS expresses a wish that Chinese voices be more thoroughly included in Mission meetings. The Mission board wants more control over Yenching and proposes that the school come directly under control of the Board, rather than the North China Mission Board. Sun Yat Sen's public funeral. Negotiating her…
Decade: 1920s