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Written to her parents in the heat of civil war, shortly after a violent incident that left several foreigners dead. MBS discusses the distortion of newspaper propaganda on anti-foreign sentiment. She shows frustration at the distortion in the papers against the Chinese and the focus on the…
Decade: 1920s
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MBS considers options for her future, and whether there will be a place for the foreigner in mission education in China in the new future. She does not doubt that there is a place for her in administration (possibly even as the next Dean of the Women's College, which she feels ambivalent about), but…
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother about going out to dinner with Mr. Murphy, the architect who is doing the new buildings for Yenching. When it is time to to go home for the evening there are rumors about the streets filling with disorderly members of Chang's army so they stay over at a hotel and she returns…
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother with a very detailed account of her first visit to a "traditional" Chinese home as a dinner guest, at the house of Mr. Chi.
Decade: 1920s

MBS writes to her mother summarizing recent political turmoil. A certain freshman's father was Chief Secretary of Chang Tso-lin, Dictator since June 1927. The faculty could always tell when there was national trouble coming because he would pull her out of school and send her back when things are…
Decade: 1920s

A letter from the remaining Yenching faculty after the war begging MBS to return to her role as dean at the Women's College.
Decade: 1940s

MBS writes to her parents of trouble with the police coming to arrest a student for suspected Communist leanings. She serves on the Committee on Appointments and writes of tiresome happenings there. She regrets that they will be losing an excellent physical director who has just been engaged to be…
Decade: 1930s

MBS writes to her parents about her decision toaccept the job of Dean if Miss Soohoo should turn down the offer, mainly because there is nobody else to do it.
Decade: 1920s

MBS describes two violent incidents: in the first (the "Taku incident of last week"), Feng's army had closed off a channel to the port which led to a miscommunication and military clash with two Japanese destroyers. In the second, a student demonstration led to a violent outburst in the streets,…
Decade: 1920s