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Primary Sources

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Mid 19th century Victorian print featuring a woman, standing, with her left hand on top of a man's head and her right hand covering his mouth and chin. A dog is looking on and a bucket of water is nearby.

Mid 19th century Victorian print of two women, one counseling the other, in an outdoor setting. It appears that they are on a beach or other coastal area and a dog is near them as well while a castle is visible in the background.

Two photographs taped to an index card. The left photograph is of students sitting on steps, and the right photograph is of a student and a dog near a garden. Gift of Helen Herman, March 1986.

Photo of man walking a dog. Inscribed on back: "six weeks' acquaintance???Here's hoping it doesn't end at that???To a most cheerful and courageous thinker from one who has appreciated even this little interval of comradeship???Oliver Schule Loud".
Decade: 1930s

Photo of M. Carey Thomas from a distance standing next to ancient ruins with what looks like a dog running (closer to the photographer) in the background.
Decade: 1920s