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"With kind regards M. Carey Thomas January 2, 1919" handwritten on front of photograph
Decade: 1910s

Letter from the American Red Cross informing the reader of the establishment of the Red Cross Nurses Training Camp for college graduates at Bryn Mawr.
Decade: 1940s

Miss Emily Green Balch, Class of 1889, and Katharine E. McBride, President of Bryn Mawr College at the College's 60th Commencement. Miss Balch was a member of the original entering class in the fall of 1885, makes her home in Wellesley, Massachussetts and is the distinguished co-winner, in 1946, of…
Decade: 1940s

Samples of papers set in June 1890, except papers in science.
Decade: 1890s

Portrait of Mamie Gwinn taken in Stuttgart, Germany.