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1989 "March for Women's Lives" in Washington, DC, students carrying banner reading "Bryn Mawr College", with female symbol, mounted on poles. Banner has wind holes. Many people in photo are wearing pins.

Photograph of students looking on as one student looks through a large telescope placed on the lawn.
Decade: 1930s

Undated postcard from Aberdeen, Hudson Shore Labor School in West Park, New York with an image of the side of the house surrounded by trees on the front. Text on the back reads "The new home of the Bryn Mawr Summer School On the West Shore Railorad and Highway 9-W between New York and Albany.…

The inscription reads "To Dear Mr. & Mrs. Keith???Agnes and Dick.". Martha Liao (Class of 1970) is identified along with "MWK" (most likely Margaret Keith) as both are photographed at a function where there is a hardwood floor. Agnes is in a green dress while Keith is in a punk dress. Others are…

Agnes Wu photographed with her husband Dick on their wedding day. They appear to be sitting in the back of an automobile and Agnes is wearing her wearing dress and carrying a bouquet while Dick is wearing a tuxedo.

Agnes Wu (MA 1968 and PhD 1970) photographed with a cap and gown with the exterior of a building also visible.

Agnes Wu and Martha Liao (both Class of 1970) photographed in an open field. A tree is visible in the background.