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Inscribed on back: "Attending Philosophical Association meeting. Left to right as attended the 32nd meeting of the American Philosophical Association at Bryn Mawr College on Dec. 29 are Edward Gleason Spawlding, pres of the Eastern Division, Dr. Marion Edwards Park, President of Bryn Mawr College,…
Decade: 1930s

Photo of, left to right, Mary E. Woolley, President of Mount Holyoke College and President Marion Edwards Park of Bryn Mawr College in cap and gown.

Undated postcard from The Smith House, Shore Labor School in West Park, New York with an image of the house/school on the front.

Undated postcard from Smith House, Hudson Shore Labor School, West Park, New York. Also inscribed is "Fireplace - Corner of Main Lounge" on the front (a fireplace and chair from the inside of the house is pictured on the postcard) and on the back it reads ""The new home of the Bryn Mawr Summer…

Undated postcard from Aberdeen, Hudson Shore Labor School in West Park, New York with an image of the side of the house surrounded by trees on the front. Text on the back reads "The new home of the Bryn Mawr Summer School On the West Shore Railorad and Highway 9-W between New York and Albany.…

Later portrait of Marion Edwards Park seated in an armchair. Portrait is bound in a blue cover. Inscribed below the portrait: "For my friends: Lelia and Frank Stoker from Marion Park. May 1943."

Interior view of the room of Abbey Slade Brayton (1894) and Emma Doll Bailey (1894) in Denbigh Hall (soon after its completion). The image depicts a furnished and decorated sitting room.

Photograph of three students roasting marshmallows over a fireplace. One is seated in a chair or recliner while the others are seated on the floor. An ottoman and some dishware on a rack is also visible in the background.
Decade: 1950s

Interior view of the French House, Wyndham Hall. Five students sit in a circle by the staircase. One student, sitting closest to the staircase, reads from a magazine to the others. The rest of the students direct their attention towards the student who is reading.
Decade: 1940s