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WONPR Cartoon.jpg

Illustration shows a group of men and women marching under such banners as "The Lips That Touch Corn Likker Shall Never Touch Ourn", "W.C.T.U.", and "Carrie Nation Cadets", with one man carrying a small barrel labeled "Vegetable Tonic", and a large wagon labeled "Water Wagon No. 1" immediately…
Decade: 1900s
WTCU Cartoon.jpg

Democratic political poster of the 1930s. Text reads "Prohibition Failed! Please do something about it. It is your chance - Vote the Straight Democratic Ticket"
Decade: 1930s

This image, taken from the 1902 college calendar, was created by Philadelphia based artists Jessie Willcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green.
Freshman to Exams calendar.jpg

A print from the 1902 college calendar depicting a student on her way to an exam. The caption reads "The Gay Young Sub-Freshman trips lightly to her Examination."
Decade: 1900s