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Image of the Women, "Weakness" and the Will to Learn: Mind vs. Body section of the exhibition Taking Her Place
Decade: 2010s

Image of Lida Rose McCabe's The American Girl at College, 1893, as displayed in the exhibition Taking Her Place.
Decade: 2010s

Article "Proper Study for Ladies" as found on page 31 of popular ladies publication The Ladies' Garland, Volume 2, 1839.
Decade: 1830s

Table showing number of women enrolled in higher education institutions versus total student populations. Covers years 1870 - 1980.
Decade: 1980s

Shown here as found inEducational Review 1901; reprinted from an address delivered by M. Carey Thomas at the annual meeting of the Association of Colleges and Preparatory Schools of the Middle States and Maryland in Philadelphia, November 30, 1900. “This college education,” Thomas…
Decade: 1900s

Full text of M. Carey Thomas's “Present Tendencies in Women’s Education.” Reprinted in Educational Review, January 1908.
Decade: 1900s

Excerpt: M. Carey Thomas (age 14), Journal, February 26, 1871.
Decade: 1870s
Excerpt from Thomas Wentworth Higginson.pdf

Excerpt: Thomas Wentworth Higginson, “Ought Women to Learn the Alphabet?” The Atlantic Monthly, February 1859.
Decade: 1850s
Harvard Exam 1890 pg1.jpg.jpg

An early examination for women, administered at Harvard University. The Harvard University Examinations for Women were not part of an application, as women were not admitted to Harvard at the time--a successful exam was a mark of academic merit and women could take them independent of their plans…
Decade: 1890s