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    "In Schools and Colleges" article from The Woman's Column, March 12 1892.

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    "In Schools and Colleges" article from The Woman's Column, March 12 1892.


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    Image of the first page of the March 12, 1892, issue of The Woman's Column, a weekly pro-suffrage newsletter, including an article "In Schools and Colleges." Transcription attached.


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    F. M. A. "In Schools and Colleges." The Woman's Column 12 March 1892: 1.



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    The Woman’s Column
    Boston, Mass., March 12, 1892
    Vol. V, No. 11

    “In Schools and Colleges”, p. 1
    The announcement last summer of the opening of the Brown University Examinations to women has had the effect of more than doubling the number of girls in the classical department of the Providence High School.
    The domestic science department of Pratt Institute, appreciating the value of food museums in cooking-schools, is preparing duplicates of its own museum for the benefit of instructors elsewhere.
    In response to the appeal for funds for the Harvard Annex, $3,500 have been received up to date.
    Corner stones were laid on March 3 for two new buildings at the Woman’s College of Baltimore, Md. One will be used for a dormitory, the other for the Girls’ Latin School, which has 200 students preparing for college. The Woman’s College was opened four years ago by the Methodist Episcopal Conference, and its first class will be regularly graduated next June.
    Within the past year the Woman’s Medical College of Chicago became a department of the Northwestern University at Evanston, Ill.; consequently it shared for the first time in the celebration of “University Day,” on Feb. 22, 1892. The “Woman-medics” went out to Evanston on the train, with the students from the other city departments. The college boys, headed by a band, met them at the station, a procession was formed, and the women students were gallantly escorted to the Woman’s College, where they were entertained by the young college women. At the exercises in the afternoon, when the students of the Woman’s Medical College marched in, they were cheered tumultuously; and as Miss S. K. Sessions came on the platform, as their representative, she was greeted with round after round of applause. Her address was on the history of women in medicine, which she showed dated as far back as the time of Moses. The visiting students were received and dined in the evening by “co-committees,” and went home decorously on the 10.30 train. The celebration was characterized by college songs, college yells, college pranks and college jollity, but as it was conducted on the co-educational plan, nothing discreditable occurred.
    The trustees of Bryn Mawr College intend to offer within the next two years four new fellowships. When the college opened, in 1885, fellowships were established in English, mathematics, biology, Greek and history. Next year one in Latin will be added, and in 1893 there will be the same opportunity for graduate study in the Romance languages, German and chemistry. In addition, a European fellowship is offered each year to a member of the graduating class. Applications for the fellowships open for next year should be sent to the college before April 15.
    The newly organized Rhode Island branch of the Association of Collegiate Alumnae has plans under consideration for putting a good loan library at the disposal of Brown’s women students.
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