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Questions, politics, love, power, misconceptions, feelings: Gay Awareness Week

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Questions, politics, love, power, misconceptions, feelings: Gay Awareness Week


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A two-page spread in the April 13th, 1988 issue of Bryn Mawr's feminist paper The College News discussing the thought behind and plan for the 1988 Gay Awareness Week. The spread features various articles by different authors, including: "Why we need Gay Awareness Week" by Robin Bernstein; "Self-definition--socialized sexuality?" by Kelly Love; "'Coming Out' conquers fears" by Genevieve Bell; "Gay teen novels" by Kelly Love; "Former student's support" by Miriam L. Ehtesham; "Some Questions to Ponder for Gay Awareness Week" submitted by Michelle Morris; "No matter how you say it..." a list of titles of different states' sodomy statutes, uncredited; "Famous people who have come out as straight," uncredited; and a schedule of events for the week.


Bell, Genvieve
Bernstein, Robin
Ehtesham, Miriam L.
Love, Kelly
Morris, Michelle


The College News (Bryn Mawr, PA). Apr. 13, 1988. pp. 7-8



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21st century

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United States--Pennsylvania

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Bryn Mawr College

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Bell, Genvieve et al., “Questions, politics, love, power, misconceptions, feelings: Gay Awareness Week,” The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education, accessed August 11, 2020, http://greenfield.brynmawr.edu/items/show/3179.

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