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Letter to Robert Elliott Speer and Emma Bailey Speer, 25 October 1931


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Yenching University Peking China Department of English Sunday, October 25, 1931

Dearest Mother + Father, The moon is shining as bright as day in our courtyard this evening, but the winter winds have begun to blow + we are glad to have a fire in the fire-place. We will try not to light the furnace for another week.

The Slades left last week. I had lunch with Mrs. Slade just before she left + what do you think that blessed woman did? She took me off to Mrs. Jette's + bought me a stunning rug for my bedroom. I had had an old rug from the Presbyterian mission, but it was so faded + splotchy that it had to be banished + I was using two small oval rugs of a flowery design that I detested. They belonged to some one else but were not needed just now so I was using them temporarily. Mrs. Slade saw them when she was here + evidently thought they didn't look like me. The new rug is a plain faun color, with a narrow border of the same colors that are in my curtains + the only design is three medallions of a slightly darker faun - very good looking - at least so Mrs. Slade + I think, + I feel like a princess when I get out of bed on to it in the morning.

My freight boxes came yesterday (not the victrola box but the other two.) I must write to Bill Jenks + tell him they arrived intact. As [Pao Haun?] struggled to take out all the nails Bill had so carefully driven in. I thought how

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