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The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education is an online locus of scholarship on the history of women’s higher education. The Center aims to foster inquiry and dialogue on how the history of women’s education has informed contemporary life and how it will shape the global future. Through its blog, exhibits, instructional lesson plans, and digital collections the Center provides informative materials and a digital space for teaching and learning on these topics.

Women's History in the Digital World 2015: Register now!

Registration for Women's History in the Digital World 2015, the second conference of The Albert M. Greenfield Digital Center for the History of Women's Education, is now open! Join us at Bryn Mawr College on May 21 and 22, 2015 for conversations featuring the work of librarians and archivists, faculty, students, and other stakeholders in the development of women’s and gender histories within digital scholarship.

Recent News

  • Special Collections and "Workable Lessons": Temple University student Matt Cahill explores Bryn Mawr history

    Temple University student Matt Cahill reflects on his experiences doing research at Bryn Mawr Special Collections as part of the Cultural Fieldwork Initiative organized by Greenfield Digital Center Advisory Board member and Temple University historian Christine Woyshner. »

  • Black at Bryn Mawr

    This semester Emma Kioko '15 and Grace Pusey '15 are collaborating on a Praxis III independent study course titled Black at Bryn Mawr, a project that will illuminate the history and experiences of Black students, faculty, and staff at the College. Using Bryn Mawr Special Collections as well as primary sources archived outside of the College, they are analyzing the ways in which Bryn Mawr has chosen to record, remember, and represent racism in its history. Using the archives, they are identifying spaces of both racial conflict and conversation on campus in order to develop a final project in the form of a campus walking tour and a digital historical record. »

  • Greenfield in the Classroom: Teaching the History of Women's Higher Education

    This semester I'm back in the classroom, teaching a History Department seminar "Higher Education for Women: Bryn Mawr and Beyond." By sharing our course blog, along with links to my syllabus and digital resources, I hope to begin a conversation about how we teach women's education history in the college classroom. »

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